48Voltai Components, 2018-2019

We had collected random petitions from anonymous people about what they needed and what they wanted to get in their technology-based lives. We actualized their hoped-for components in 3D modelings and printings.

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Case 1-1: Artist named @eugenijusb asked to create a camera from existing old film camera lens.
Case 2: One small business company asked to make a box which can hold 49 10 ml bottles to mix liquids and then pour into small bottles on the daily bases. 

Case 3: This holder starts from the electric bicycle rider‘s petition. Electric bicycle battery holder which can be easily attached to the bicycle frame. It ensures easy mounting, protection from rain and physical damage.

Case 4: Tattoo machine conversion device.

Project made in cooperation with tattoo artist who wanted to have a tattoo machine which can work from batteries and not from a power socket. This device can be attached to the artist arm. It allows to control tattoo machine needle moving speed and power. Because it works from batteries, no wires are needed. It’s not only convenient, but also makes working spaces much cleaner which is very important in this industry.

Case 4-1: This is a small device which is attached to the tattoo machine pedal. Usually pedal wires go straight to the tattoo machine. However, in this case turn on and turn off signals are transmitted wirelessly, from the designed device to the device on the arm.

Case 1-2: Artist named @eugenijusb also needed the component which can be used to push camera film from one spool to another by inserting it to the camera spool and then twisting it around

Case 5: Ventilator mount.

During soldering ventilators are used quiet often in order to suck toxic metal fumes from the soldering place. During soldering it was noticed that basic ventilators are not stable enough, so this mount was designed and printed in order to hold ventilator safely.

©2022 48Voltai. All rights reserved.