Selected Exhibitions & Screenings

2024. 4-5. Wave Pool Gallery. I Take Care of You and Survive. Cincinnati, OH (forthcoming)  [solo exhibition]

2024. 3. Every Woman Biennial. I Will Always Love You. New York, NY. (forthcoming)

2024. 2. Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Independientes. Welcome to My Beautiful Home. Lecheria, Venezuela. (forthcoming)


2023. 12. Ann Arbor District Library. What Are Your Names, Asia(n)?. Ann Arbor, MI  [solo exhibition]

2023. 9-10. Ann Arbor Art Center. We Are Here Because You Were There. Curated by Chien-An Yuan. Ann Arbor, MI

2023. 6. CICA Museum. Can You Welcome Me (캔 유 웰컴 미). Gimpo, KR   [solo exhibition]

2023. 5. Samchully Building. Chunman Art Award Exhibition. Curated by Jintaeg Jang. Seoul, KR

2023. 3-4. Green Road Studio. As Far As Here. Ann Arbor, MI

2022. 4. CICA Museum. Making Better Water (배러한 물 만들기), Korean Young Artist Solo Exhibition, Gimpo, KR. [solo exhibition]

2022. 3. Seoul Artists' Platform_New&Young(SAPY). A Living Library for a Better Life (배러라이프를 위한 가변 도서관), Curated by Yongdon. Seoul, KR [solo exhibition]

2021. 11. Seoul Artists' Platform_New&Young(SAPY). Better-Life Round Talbe(배러라이프 라운드 테이블), Seoul, KR [solo exhibition]

2021. 5-6. Art Space Grove. For ‘Better Life’ (배러라이프를 위하여). Seoul, KR [solo exhibition]

2021. 5. Jarbin Blank. Go-Around Pagoda (탑돌이). Curated by Yeji Hong. Seoul.

2020. 12. Seoul National University. IRONIC SQUARE (구부러진 원).  Seoul.

2019. 7. Woosuk Gallery, GIRIUNG-DAP (지리응:답), Seoul.