Selected Exhibitions 

2024. 4-5. Wave Pool Gallery. I Take Care of You and Survive. Cincinnati, OH (forthcoming)  [solo exhibition]

2023. 12 Ann Arbor District Library. What Are Your Names, Asia(n)?. Ann Arbor, MI (forthcoming)  [solo exhibition]


2023. 9-10. Ann Arbor Art Center. We Are Here Because You Were There. Curated by Chien-An Yuan. Ann Arbor, MI

2023. 6. CICA Museum. Can You Welcome Me (캔 유 웰컴 미). Gimpo, KR   [solo exhibition]

2023. 5. Samchully Building. Chunman Art Award Exhibition. Curated by Jintaeg Jang. Seoul, KR

2023. 3-4. Green Road Studio. As Far As Here. Ann Arbor, MI

2022. 4. CICA Museum. Making Better Water (배러한 물 만들기), Korean Young Artist Solo Exhibition, Gimpo, KR. [solo exhibition]

2022. 3. Seoul Artists' Platform_New&Young(SAPY). A Living Library for a Better Life (배러라이프를 위한 가변 도서관), Curated by Yongdon. Seoul, KR [solo exhibition]

2021. 11. Seoul Artists' Platform_New&Young(SAPY). Better-Life Round Talbe(배러라이프 라운드 테이블), Seoul, KR [solo exhibition]

2021. 5-6. Art Space Grove. For ‘Better Life’ (배러라이프를 위하여). Seoul, KR [solo exhibition]

2021. 5. Jarbin Blank. Go-Around Pagoda (탑돌이). Curated by Yeji Hong. Seoul.

2020. 12. Seoul National University. IRONIC SQUARE (구부러진 원).  Seoul.

2019. 7. Woosuk Gallery, GIRIUNG-DAP (지리응:답), Seoul.