<Better Life Round Table with 5 Interviewees, 2021, projectors, raspberry pi, buttons, steel, screens, led monitor, 5-channel video and tablet PC>

Better Life Round Table (2021) is an experimental combination of a one-day exhibition and public discussion program.

This project emerged from the interviews with the five people who dreamed of “a better life” through consumption and goods. The scripted videos projected on large screens, passed into the next page by the viewer's hand, place the viewer somewhere between an omniscient analyst and a first-person reader.

The public program was closely connected to the exhibition. Eight participants were asked about one’s attitude and impression about the interviews presented in the exhibition. Furthermore, we talked about our own relevant experiences with the keywords extracted from interviews.

I intended to create an open forum where people could share their appreciation of, and link the critical questions presented at the exhibition, to one’s own stories.

<Better Life Round Table with 8 Participants, 2021, discussion with 8 participants, card sets>

Photo by Seyeon Jung 정세연,  HyunSeok Lee 이현석

Filmed by Seyeon Jung 정세연
Edited by Seyeon Jung 정세연, Okyoung Noh 노오경

With the customer analyst Kyoungjin Kim, the interview with five participants was thoroughly analyzed both from the perspective of customer analysis and the anthropology of education. We discussed via Zoom, phone, and meetups to investigate further as unspoken intentions or meanings.

<The Research Note on 5 Interviews for Better-Life Round Table, 2021, research note highlighted by markers, sticky notes, 30 × 21 cm each>

Customer analyst: Kyoung Jin Kim
Interviewer: Okyoung Noh

This project is still in process. It will be developed in forms of an exhibition and publication in 2022.

Sponsored by SPAC(Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture) and SAPY(Seoul Artist’s Platform_New&Young)

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