Performance Film [Chimera]
퍼포먼스 필름, [키메라]

2024년 4월 29일 - 30일 촬영
Filmed from April 29 to 30, 2024

Chimera is an immersive movement-based sound-optics-focused performance installation, in collaboration with AAPI Performance Collective IS/LAND, and optics researcher, Do Young Kim.

By definition, a Chimera is ‘an organism composed of mixed genetic tissues’ but also, when applied to science, a goal that is ‘that is hoped for but is illusory or impossible to achieve’. Both of these definitions apply to the experiences of AAPI women—how their experiences and complex life identities are vilified and simplified by the white supremacist patriarchy, but more so, how their achievements are also subject to the glass ceiling, with aspirations and dreams made impossible by existing social standards. Is it possible for AAPI women in this country to fully integrate into the fabric of Western society, or will they always be subjected to being othered? Can AAPI women in solidarity, as connected foreign debris, evolve into a new creature – a Chimera? This performance then confronts and questions these two conceptual definitions through an immersive sound/optics environment.

퍼포먼스 영상 <키메라>는 광학 연구자 김도영과 북미를 중심으로 활동하는 아시아-태평양계 미국인 퍼포먼스 그룹 IS/LAND와의 협업으로 제작되었다.

3인의 아시아계 여성 무용수들이 거대한 흰색 설치물로 형상화된 미국 사회의 구조적 차별을 분해하고, 한데 얽혀 춤추며, 이를 대체하는 새로운 크리처를 유기적 움직임으로 형상화한다.

이들의 움직임은 정적이고 곧은 것이 아닌 동적이고 얽힌 것, 단수가 아닌 복수인 신체를 상징적으로 드러낸다. 분기되고 결합하고 증식하는 세포의 이미지와 더불어 무용수들의 신체는 변형되고, 확장된다. 

Executive Producer: Do Young Kim
Part-One Director and Producer: Okyoung Noh
Part-Two Director: Chien-An Yuan

Dancer: Jean S. Lee, Catherine Miller, Mia Brooks
Music: Chien-An Yuan, Whodat
Projected Video: Do Young Kim, Chien-An Yuan, Okyoung Noh
Installation: Okyoung Noh

Stage Tech: Duderstadt Center Video Studio
Lighting: Patterson Mckinney
Videography: Duderstadt Center Video Studio, Chien-An Yuan
Photography: Chien-An Yuan

Sponsor: ArtsEngine