Product Photography of Choi-Go(Best) Water. image

digital c-print with a logo, acrylic. 90 × 60 cm. May 2021

This is the fake advertising photography of The Choi-Go(Best) Water in collaboration with a product photography studio in Korea. Based on the reference, Average composition and color of successful water ads (2021), the studio took the photo in the same way that they used to make a product photography for other internet shopping malls and SNS promotions.

Cooperation & Photo: SR Studio (photo studio specialized in product photography)
Photo Reference: <Average composition and color of successful water ads> (2021)

촬영 및 협력: 제품 사진 촬영 전문 SR 스튜디오, 장한뜻 실장
사진 레퍼런스: <성공한 생수 광고의 평균 구성과 색 표본>(2021)

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