To Be Insivible (as a Defector). video
(탈북자로서) 보이지 않는 법. 영상

video 10’ 00”. Sep 2023

The performance video, To Be Invisible (as a Defector) (2023) presents a North Korean female defector slowly moving around the room while covering her body with a white black-out curtain for 10 minutes. Her silent, ghostly movement which had been developed while evading Chinese public security for a decade urges audiences to experience and reflect on the weight of invisible, silenced lives.


퍼포먼스 영상인 <(탈북자로서) 보이지 않는 법 To Be Invisible (as a Defector)> (2023)은 중국 공안을 10년 동안 피해 살았던 탈북자 여성의 조심스러운 움직임을 10분짜리 무성 영상으로 담았다.