aZn luv luv t0ur

Interactive Performance Theater
Directed and performed by Okyoung Noh and Caroline Yoo

2023 May 11 19:00 / May 12 19:00

2281 Bonisteel Blvd, Ann Arbor, MI

This performance “aZn luv luv t0ur” invites audiences to join Noh and Yoo as tour guides in leading an interactive tour engaging with Western online archives fetishizing the Asian female body. The tour physically maps some of the contemporary digital spaces of racism, sexism, and imperialism that amplify perspectives of sensationalizing and exotification of the Eastern Asian woman such as sub-Reddit communities, porn culture, mail-order brides, and/or memes. In tandem, the performance also maps the psychological consequences in Yoo and Noh’s lived experiences, in relation to the representation and reproduction of sexual fantasy of “fetishized, sexualized and marginalized Asian women.”

Music: Chien-An Yuan, Caroline Yoo

Video: Caroline Yoo, Jaewon Lee, Seung Ah Lee, Jean Cho, Okyoung Noh

Installation: Okyoung Noh

Production Help: Yuchen Wu, Manali Desai, Carly Lowe

Stage Manager: Yuchen Wu

Stage Tech Support and Filming: Duderstadt Studio Team

Photo: Chien-An Yuan

Poster: Doyeon Son